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                We encourage our riders to stay home if you are not traveling for work related to an Essential Business, or for urgent personal business like a medical appointment or to buy food for your family. We need to keep our limited capacity available for people who must travel.

                By order of our Governor, face masks or face coverings are required in all public places, this includes public transportation. Wearing a face mask or face covering not only protects our drivers, but also other passengers on the bus. Please be a responsible rider.

                Por orden de nuestro Gobernador, se requieren máscaras faciales o cubres faciales en todos los lugares públicos. Esto incluye el transporte público. El uso de una máscara facial o una cubierta facial no sólo protege a nuestros choferes, sino también a otros pasajeros en el autobús. Por favor, sea un pasajero responsable.

                **Routes #766 & #777 ART service will be ending at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, until further notice.

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