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                Code Enforcement & Zoning

                Learn more about how this division enforces the zoning and housing codes.

                What We Do

                Code Enforcement provides a positive constituent experience by being responsive to the community’s land use concerns through timely and thorough interaction to achieve compliance.

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                How We Serve You

                Code Enforcement conducts inspections of properties throughout the city to determine compliance with code requirements and, when necessary, notifies owners of observed ordinance violations and methods by which to correct those violations. Code compliance is achieved through a combination of education, resource and assistance referral and enforcement. The Division also performs plan review functions for building permit applications and answers questions concerning zoning and land-use matters.

                Find details on property ownership, zoning, school districts and more: Use the Address Report

                Homeowner’s How-To Guide

                Nuisance Weed Removal Enforcement

                Report a weed or zoning violation?

                Request an official Zonal?Certification Letter

                Request an official Zoning Verification Statement

                Codes & Ordinances

                Below you'll find the ordinances and codes used by the Code Enforcement division, inspectors and planners.

                City of Albuquerque Code of Ordinances (American Legal link)

                Integrated Development Ordinance (Viewable/Downloadable PDF and Individual Section PDFs)

                Numbering of City Buildings Ordinance

                Uniform Housing Code

                Vacant Building Maintenance Code

                Weeds, Litter and Snow Ordinance

                Sign Regulations

                Trying to secure a sign permit? Looking for clarification on where you can place a sign? Need specs on sign sizes and types allowed within Albuquerque? The Code Enforcement division can assist.

                Read through the Sign Regulations below for answers to all your questions.

                Learn more about Sign Regulations


                Applications, Forms, Handouts & Related Links

                Apply Online for Code Enforcement/Zoning Permit

                Business Registrations

                Code Enforcement Contacts

                Code Enforcement FAQs

                Homeowner's How-To Guide?(wall permit information)

                Integrated Development Ordinance

                Planning Department General Fee Schedule

                Revising a Site Plan (Replacement, Amendments, Variances, Deviations, and Waivers)

                Nuisance Weed Removal Information

                Weed Identification Handbook

                Wireless Telecommunications Facilities