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                Albuquerque offers a variety of recreation opportunities.

                Games & Weather Updates

                For the most up-to-date information about games and weather, call (505) 768-GAME (4263).

                Recreation Facilities & Activities

                Albuquerque is loaded with outstanding recreation opportunities. Make plans today for the activity of your choosing.

                Basketball | Flag Football | Shooting Range | Softball | Tennis | Pickle Ball | Model Aircraft Flying

                Enjoy tennis and many other recreation activities in Albuquerque.

                Outdoor Recreation

                Albuquerque has an ideal climate and great recreation open to everyone.

                Rock Climbing Wall | Model Rocketry | Extreme Recreation | Winter Sports | Bicycling

                Outdoor Recreation Event Survey

                Take the Outdoor Recreation Event Survey

                Discover and explore the beautiful outdoor areas of Albuquerque.

                Swimming Classes

                Whether you want to dip in an Olympic-size pool or learn how to snorkel, we are happy to help you get started.

                Swimming Lessons | Lifeguard Courses

                caption: Enjoy swimming at Albuquerque's public pools.

                Recreation News

                Recreation announcements from the Parks and Recreation Department.