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                Open Space

                Information about the City of Albuquerque's Open Space Division.

                About the Open Space Division

                Open Space works to acquire and protect the natural character of land designated as major public Open Space in the 1988 revised City of Albuquerque Comprehensive Plan.

                These lands, which comprise more than 29,000 acres in and around Albuquerque, are managed to:

                • Conserve natural and archaeological resources
                • Provide opportunities for outdoor education
                • Provide a place for low impact recreation
                • Define the edges of the urban environment.

                Social Distancing on the Trails

                While our Open Space trails are a great asset during this time, it’s critical that anyone visiting City Open Space and other public lands help take care of these lands as well.

                All trail users can help by practicing the following:

                • Wear a face covering or mask at all times while visiting Open Space properties.
                • Maintain social distancing on trails of at least 6 feet from other trail users.
                • Keep group sizes to fewer than 5 people.
                • Pick up after your pets. Mutt Mitt stations and trash cans are available at most trailheads.
                • Pack out any trash from anything you bring with you on your hike (e.g. food wrappers, water bottles, etc.).
                • Stay on all designated trails to help reduce soil erosion and disturbances to plants and wildlife.
                • Enjoy, but do not disturb plants and wildlife.
                • Do not remove any artifacts, rocks, or other things that belong in Open Space.
                • Be courteous to other trail users and have fun.


                Open Space trail users are also encouraged to remember general trail safety tips, like knowing where you are going, letting others know of your plans, and bringing a map, water, sunscreen and snack with you on any hike.

                Finally, see more information below about properties that are less heavily used and provide opportunities for a safer experience. Other options include the Tijeras Arroyo, Juan Tomas, San Antonito, Calabacillas Arroyo, Manzano, and Quail Rancho Open Spaces. The City also manages Open Space in Sandoval County and the East Mountains, including Golden Open Space and the John A. Milne & Gutierrez Canyon.

                News and Newsletters
                See news items relevant to Open Space and new and archived newsletters.
                Open Space Advisory Board
                Access agendas and minutes for upcoming and previous Open Space Advisory Board meetings.

                Open Space Information

                Open Space Lands Information

                Trail Maps
                Maps! Download Open Space trail maps.

                Goggle maps
                City Open Space Space partners with Google to provide virtual tours of Open Space trails.

                Annual Pass
                Open Space Annual Pass form and information.

                Open Space Lands
                More information about City of Albuquerque Open Space Lands

                Open Space needs your help! Volunteer today. There are many different volunteer positions available.
                Open Space Alliance
                Open Space Alliance is a nonprofit (c3) which helps support Open Space programming. Donations to the Alliance are a vital part of helping keep programs free to the public.

                Open Space Visitor Center

                This facility is open!

                Address: 6500 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque
                Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
                NOTE New Phone:(505) 768-4950

                NOTE -For those accessing the trails from the visitor center, please note that the Open Space Visitor Center parking lot gate closes at 5:00 pm

                The Open Space Visitor Center (OSVC) has exhibits interpreting the natural and cultural resources the Open Space Division protects. See a variety of art and media from local, national and international artists in the Open Space Visitor Center Gallery.


                Visitor Center Visitor Center Gallery

                Open Space Activities

                Things to do at Open Space

                Shooting Range Park
                The Shooting Range Park provides a safe convenient location for Albuquerque residents and visitors to enjoy shooting sports and learn the skills of firearms for personal protection and hunting.

                Paddle Sports
                With the proper equipment and preparation a float down the Rio Grande in a kayak, raft, or canoe is a safe and fun way for the entire family to enjoy one of our City’s most precious natural resources.

                Rio Grande Valley State Park
                The Rio Grande Valley State Park is located along the Rio Grande and offers outdoor activities.

                Get Into Open Space
                Teachers! The Get Into Open Space program provides rented bus service for school-aged children to attend Open Space Alliance and City of Albuquerque Open Space Division supported service learning projects.


                Small in Nature

                Apr 24, 2021 09:00 AM to Jul 03, 2021 05:00 PM
                New Mexico based nature and landscape photographer specializing in large format printed macrophotography. Focused on native species to the Rio Grande valley.

                New Mexico Light

                Oct 02, 2021 09:00 AM to Dec 18, 2021 05:00 PM
                Fiber arts and tapestries which teach about and interpret their experiences of open space.