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                Homeless Services

                The Family and Community Services Department is a key player in the City's effort to end homelessness. Our services include prevention, outreach, shelter and housing programs and supportive services.

                Framework Document

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                Homelessness Assistance

                Homelessness is a harsh reality in Albuquerque and we’ve outlined a multifaceted approach including emergency shelter, transitional housing, and more. In collaboration with our community partners, we’re addressing immediate needs while working to build the city’s first centrally-located, 24/7, year-round homeless shelter.

                We are increasing emergency shelter options and adding transitional housing because housing is key. Housing allows folks to focus on other needs like finding employment, obtaining quality childcare, and taking care of physical and mental health.

                Stay Informed

                Complete this form to stay up-to-date with stories from people with lived experience and useful information from the network of providers serving people without homes in our community.

                What We Are Doing

                Homeless Service Categories

                The following homeless services are funded by the City of Albuquerque, HUD's Continuum of Care grants, Emergency Shelter Grants, and other grants administered by the City of Albuquerque.

                Emergency Shelters

                Short-term, immediate assistance for the homeless

                Transitional Housing

                Transitional housing assistance designed to transition from homelessness to permanent housing

                Permanent Supportive Housing

                Permanent Housing for homeless individuals dealing with chronic mental illness or substance abuse issues


                Childcare services for homeless families

                Childcare Information

                Employment Services

                Employment services and job placement for homeless persons

                Employment Services Information

                Eviction Prevention

                Rental assistance and case management to prevent eviction and homelessness

                Eviction Prevention Information

                Health Care

                Health care services for homeless individuals and families

                Health Care Information


                Meals provided for homeless individuals and families in need

                Meals Information

                Motel Vouchers

                Temporary vouchers for homeless individuals with immediate medical issues and families with children, where emergency shelters cannot accommodate them

                Motel Vouchers Information

                More Information

                Other Homeless Services Links

                Albuquerque Heading Home Donations

                If you would like to donate furniture, clothing etc., to Albuquerque Heading Home, please contact Chandler Smith-Stetson at 344-2323.

                Learn more about Albuquerque Heading Home