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                ABQ Data

                Information about ABQ Data, the City of Albuquerque's open-data initiative.

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                ABQ Data

                ABQ Data is the City of Albuquerque's clearing house for open data. From here, anyone can access raw information related to the City of Albuquerque.

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                Open Data Sets

                Business Data

                Data regarding Albuquerque's business community, including address, permit, and inspection information.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Address Atlas Address Atlas Metadata Grid representing square miles within the City of Albuquerque
                Building Permits Building Permits Metadata Building permits for the City of Albuquerque from 1990 to the present
                Business Registration Business Registration Metadata Business Registration information including business name, address, registration type and current status.
                Film Locations Film Locations Metadata Movie locations for productions shot in non-residential locations within the City of Albuquerque that required a film permit.
                Food Inspections Food Inspections Metadata Restaurant Inspection Results
                Pool Inspections Pool Inspections Metadata Pool Inspection Results
                Restaurant Inspections in LIVES format Restaurant Inspections in LIVES format Metadata Restaurant Inspection Results in the YELP Local Inspector Value-Entry Specification (LIVES) format. See http://www.yelp.com/healthscores for more details on the LIVES format.
                Zone Atlas Zone Atlas Metadata Grid representing square miles within the City of Albuquerque

                City of Albuquerque Government Data

                Data regarding City administration, departments, and services.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Address Points Address Points Metadata Address Points within Bernalillo County, including the City of Albuquerque, Village of Los Ranchos, Village of Tijeras, and Unincorporated Areas of Bernalillo County
                Campaign Finalized Campaign Finalized Metadata Contributions to and expenses made by Measure Finance Committees and Candidates for the 2013 City of Albuquerque regular municipal elections.
                Campaign Vendor Campaign Vendor Metadata Report containing City vendors that have made contributions to campaigns.
                City Council Districts City Council Districts Metadata Boundaries of City of Albuquerque Council Districts
                City Limits City Limits Metadata Polygon file showing the city limits of Albuquerque. Projection: New Mexico State Plane Central, Feet, NAD 83
                DMD Projects DMD Projects Metadata Active projects managed by the Department of Municipal Development
                Employee Benefits & Rates Employee Benefits & Rates Metadata Employee Benefit Rates by Employee Category by Fiscal Year – FY05 – Current FY
                FEMA Exemptions FEMA Exemptions Metadata Certificate of elevations.
                Graded Employee Earnings Graded Employee Earnings Metadata List report showing graded employee Earnings Year to Date and hourly base rate
                Residential Trash & Recycling Routes Residential Trash & Recycling Routes Metadata Residential route polygons for trash and recycling.
                Top 250 Employee Earners Top 250 Employee Earners Metadata List report showing the top 250 employees based on their Total Earnings.
                Travel Expenses Travel Expanses Metadata This dataset contains information about expenses for City employee travel.
                Ungraded Employee Earnings Ungraded Employee Earnings Metadata List report showing ungraded employee Earnings Year to Date and hourly base rate
                Vendor Checkbook Vendor Checkbook Metadata Report lists invoices paid to a vendor by pay reference and invoice number
                Voting Locations 2015 Voting Locations 2015 Metadata Voting locations for the 2015 City of Albuquerque election.

                City Events and News

                RSS feeds of Event and News items from the City of Albuquerque website.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                City Events RSS Events Metadata Information about the events in the City of Albuquerque.
                City News RSS City News Metadata News about the City of Albuquerque.

                Community Services Data Sets

                Data regarding neighborhoods, and community services.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Albuquerque Neighborhoods Neighborhoods Metadata Neighborhood associations officially recognized by the City of Albuquerque.
                Public Art Public Art Metadata Public Art on Display in the City of Albuquerque
                Recycling Drop-off Locations Recycling Drop-off Locations Metadata Community Recycling Drop-off Sites
                Registered Historic Places Registered Historic Places Metadata Registered historic places in Albuquerque
                Route 66 Signs Route 66 Signs Metadata Sign Locations along Route 66 in Albuquerque
                STOP Senior Hunger STOP Senior Hunger Metadata Donation Locations for the STOP Senior Hunger program.
                Summer Lunch Summer Lunch Metadata The Youth Food Service Program provides the Summer Lunch Program in City community centers, parks, schools, apartment complexes, public housing, churches and at non-profit organizations. Times and dates are indicated for each point. This data is for Summer 2015.
                WiFi Spots WiFi Spots Metadata Free Wireless Access Locations

                Environmental Data

                Data regarding the environment in Albuquerque.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Air Quality Air Quality Metadata Air quality measurements are polled hourly from our air monitoring stations
                Pollen Count Daily Pollen Count Daily Metadata Pollen Count Report
                Vehicle Emissions Vehicle Emissions Metadata Vehicle emissions database

                Recreation Data Sets

                Data regarding parks, open space, and recreation in Albuquerque.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                ABQ Open Space Open Space Metadata Open Space Units
                ABQ Parks Parks Metadata Albuquerque city parks boundaries and amenities. Does not include Open Space land.
                Bike Paths Bike Paths Metadata Bike paths, lanes, and routes for Albuquerque
                Golf Courses Golf Courses Metadata Golf Course Locations and Individual Golf Course Maps
                Open Trails Open Trails Metadata Data on the Extent, attributes and use of the trail systems located in and around the City of Albuquerque
                Prescription Trails Prescription Trail Metadata The Albuquerque Prescription Trails Pilot Program provides prescriptions for walking and wheelchair rolling and a walking guide that suggests routes in our community.

                Safety Data Sets

                Data regarding crime and public safety.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Crime Incidents Crime Incidents Metadata Location of calls for service by APD
                Parking Citations Parking Citations Metadata General Location of Parking Citations Issued
                Police Area Commands Police Area Commands Metadata Polygon data representing APD Area Commands.
                Police Beats Police Beats Metadata Beats for APD and Bernalillo County Sheriff

                Transit Data Sets

                Data regarding ABQ RIDE.

                Data Sets Metadata Link Description
                Google Transit FS Google Transit FS Metadata Bus Stops, Stop Times, Routes, etc that change about once a quarter
                Transit in Real Time Transit Real Time Metadata Bus location, directionality, time at location
                Transit Maps Transit Maps Metadata - to be used with other Transit data sets
                Routes and Schedules for each bus route, for each different schedule (weekday, weekend, just Saturday, or just Sunday)